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Autocomplete for QuickBase

Advantages over QuickBase Search Widget

While QuickBase has a search widget, it is very limited. Here are advantages of Autocomplete for QuickBase over the QuickBase search widget.

1) Immediate search results

Autocomplete for QuickBase shows you the matching records as you type in a dropdown list.

2) Set a Related Field

Autocomplete for QuickBase can be added to a form to set related fields. Just type to find and set the related Company, Contact, Project, Task, etc.

3) Search from Dashboard or Forms

Autocomplete for QuickBase can be added to a form to open records, not just on a dashboard like the QuickBase search widget.

4) Search the way you want to search

QuickBase requires you to either search all fields, or up to four fields, but you must decide which field to search in (i.e. does not search across fields as you type). And the QuickBase search is always a "Contains" search.

QuickBase search widget forces you to decide which field to search.

With Autocomplete for QuickBase, you can define the search you want across fields you want to search. And not just using a "Contains" search, but the more familiar "Starts With" as well as Equals and other options. For example:

First Name Starts With [Value] Or
Last Name Starts With [Value]

Or something like:

Company Name Starts With [Value] And
Company Status Equals "Active"